The Right Components for a Gaming Computer

You can trust a company to provide you with a gaming computer, but you will never know what you really get until you get started. Even the most expensive gaming computer might include some components that you are not completely happy with. To avoid that problem, you could consider building your own gaming PC. AWD-IT can present you with the computer components that you need in order to assemble the PC. Read honest reviews of AWD-IT here. And let us tell you more about what your computer really needs.

Gaming ComputerProcessor (CPU)

The first thing you will need when you think about assembling a computer is a processor or, in other words, a Central Processing Unit (CPU). This is, in fact, the brain of your computer. There are two things that are important when you search for a good paging processor: core performance (threads) and clock speed. Intel processors used to be the best-suited processors for gaming because they have a focus on single-core performances. But they are sometimes criticised for their restrictions on overclocking. ADM processors are a bit cheaper and, although their focus is on multi-core performances, they nearly caught up Intel.


The question when you want to find a compatible motherboard is: do you want to overclock? When choosing to overclock your computer, remember that computers have improved so much that you will hardly know the difference and overclocking tends to be overrated. Still, each processor has its own set of compatible motherboards. Intel has the K-series and Z-series while ADM requests a B or X motherboard.

Graphics Card

The CPU might be the brain of your computer, but one of the most important parts of a gaming computer is the graphics card that you use. This component is the determining factor that decides which games you will be able to play, The graphics if your games, the images that appear on your screen, are solely determined by the graphics card that your computer contains. The quality of the graphics card is measured by the VRAM, video RAM.

Memory and Storage

Even the best computer with the best specifications for gaming won’t get you anywhere if you cannot install the game or save your progress. 4G is the absolute minimum requirement for a gaming PC. But if you want to play more high-end games, you will need 8G or even 16 GB. If you want to make sure that your computer is future-proof, you can think about expanding your memory to 32 GB. Then, you will be able to install and play all the games that are developed in the years to come. When it comes to storage, you have a choice between HDD and SSD. Because the Solid State Drive has no moving parts, it is faster than a regular hard disk drive. Unfortunately, it’s also more expensive. And SSD may be durable, but HDD is better for quality. But there are so many differences between the two that you have to investigate what is the right kind of storage for you.

There are other important things such as the case, power supply unit, mouse and keyboard but a lot of the options for them depend on your own preference.