Frequently Asked Questions About RPG Maker MV

How to choose software

When you select software for your needs, experts recommend that you do not scrimp or economise. It is true that most companies or professionals consider cost as a primary factor in selecting software. Fortunately, there are many cheap or free to help you get started. However, when it comes to selecting the right software, you should not select just because they are cheap. You need to choose based on its value.

More importantly, you should ensure that the team would use the new software. There is no point in purchasing and implementing it if you do not get everyone on board. At the end of the day, it won’t hurt if you share your favorite software. Whether you are a start-up or an established company, it is refreshing to be a part of something larger where people share recommendations and information.  If you share an experience, you will earn insights from fellow users, which can help you in the long run.

Introduction to RPG

RPG (Role-playing Game) is a thing these days. RPG refers to a game where players assume the roles of the characters in a fictional setting. This offers one-of-a-kind experience compared to other games because it emphasizes character advancement more than collaborative storytelling. Essentially, RPG is a genre of video game.

Recently, game developers earn massive because of the number of players joining RPG. If you want to try your luck as a developer or creator of an RPG, you can create it without special knowledge or unique skills. Before getting started, it is crucial that you learn the basics. It will be easier if you consider RPG Maker MV tutorial.

Aside from the tutorial, you should also read other FAQs about RPG Maker MV. Here are some:

How to install RPG Maker MV?

There are step-by-step installation instructions on the page. You just need to download it then install. It is crucial to follow the instructions so you can finally see the Engine. The good news is that RPG Maker is not that hard to use but at first glance, things can be a bit overwhelming.

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What is the Map Editor?

When you open your RPG Maker, you will first see the Map Editor. This is where you make your project. You will be greeted with a nice green expanse. Many users say that it is simple to use – like using a paint program.

You just need to grab a tile on the palette to the left then start drawing on the map. The good news is you have different tools at the top like pencil, circle, square and fill. One of the cool things that you can consider is the Auto-Tiles. These use a collection of 24×24 tiles to draw the right tiles dynamically. The Map Editor will also allow you to make new maps.

What is Event Editor?

Events are an important part of the gameplay. With this, it is considered the heart of an RPG Maker. The Event Editor allows you to create something that your players can interact with. Basically, the events move the game. Aside from creating events, you have pages. Through the pages, you can create different tabs across the top.

How about the Database?

The Database is where you store all the information about your game. If the mapping is considered the skin and eventing is the nervous system, Database serves as your bones. It will give shape to your game and it makes moving possible. You can reach the Database by clicking on the cogwheel button at the top.

If you haven’t worked with databases before, you should not be worried. The Database is not just a collection of numbers, rows, and columns. In here, you will see an organised and easily understandable visual interface.

What if you want to uninstall it?

Just like any software, you can uninstall RPG Maker MV from your computer if you think it is no longer serving its purpose or if you want to free up space on your hard disk. When you decide to uninstall, just use the Programs and Features.

Is there other software for you?

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