MucunaPruriens And Its Uses in Herbal Medicine

Mucunapruriens is an annual shrub that blooms in the tropical and subtropical regions of South Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. The plant, which can grow vines over 15 meters, produces small black seeds that have several alternative medicines. The plant is also widely used in agriculture as arable crop, since it is legume (IE has nitrogen-fixing bacteria that live in its roots that help to re-assimilate the soil).

Mucunapruriens has many common names in different languages.

┬áIn English, it is called “Velvet Bean”, “Cowhage” or “Cowitch”. Many of the plant names refer to small powders that cause a rash that grows on the seed pods. These hairs, which contain a compound called mucanana, can cause severe and painful itching if they are allowed to come in contact with the skin. Other names of plants refer to their psychoactive properties: in Portuguese, for example, it is known as “loco bean”.

The seed has no mucuna pruriens extract side effects contain a high concentration of the dopamine precursor levodopa. Dopamine, of course, is a neurotransmitter associated with mood, and its concentration, as is well known, has a direct effect on physical processes such as sexual desire, libido and function. For this reason, the extract of mucuna pruriens dosage for depression has been used for centuries in traditional Ayurvedic medicine as an effective aphrodisiac. More recently, its extracts received attention as a possible solution to treat the symptoms of nervous system disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease, and in some parts of the world (especially in India) it has been used to treat this condition for some time.

neurotransmitter associated with mood

The seeds also contain a small amount of serotonin neurotransmitter, which is also responsible for the effects on mood. Therefore, it is believed that Mucunapruriens has mild antidepressants.

Although the plant grows wild in many tropical and subtropical regions, so its seeds are widely available, it is very important that people take extract of Mucanapruriens, which was prepared by qualified herbalists or approved pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical laboratories, doses and concentration. The active ingredient levodopa can be toxic in large quantities and, therefore, it is not recommended that people meditate on their own using their extract.


The extract of Mucuna pruriens does not usually sell itself, but is generally part of a mixture of herbal extracts and is used in many different areas of herbal medicine. Its main uses are as an aphrodisiac, male libido enhancer and male enzyme, but because of its effect on dopamine levels, it is also commonly found in products designed for people who relax and products designed to naturally improve healthy vision.