Migrating Existing Group Chats to Telegram

There are lots of great features that gets introduced by Telegram which is a powerful social media tool. They have started a feature of sending invite links to other users by admins and then these users can view chats and images from the group. This is an effective means of marketing and brands can showcase products and services using this feature of telegram. If you have a new account on telegram and want to get a start up there then you can buy telegram group members.

There are lots of marketing tools in Telegram which includes features such as file sharing, search, rich link previews, replies, native apps, mentions, hashtags and a lot more. If you want to leverage these features to the advantage of your business then you must buy telegram group members.

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How to make a group on telegram?

For iOS users: Start a new message in chats and then click on New Group.

Android: You must tap the icon of circular pen in your chat list and click on New Group.

Desktop: you should click on the menu button present in the top left corner and click on New Group.

Telegram also offers the opportunity to upgrade any group to a supergroup. To do so you must follow these steps:

For iOS users: Go to the info page of your group and click on edit button present in the top right corner. Then scroll down and you will find the option to Convert to Supergroup. Click on that button.

Android: Go to the page of group info and then tap in the right corner on top and you should choose the option to convert to supergroup.

Desktop: when you are in the group then you must click in the section in the top right and then you will find option of “ Manage group”. Click on “ Convert to Supergroup”.

How to send invite links?

This is the link which you can send for your existing group chat. You can send this link via any of the messaging or email service that you and your friends might be using. They can join the group using that link once they start using Telegram.