Having a glance on Water Sports

Water sports gives fun and happiness to those people who are involved in the game across the globe. Some people play water sports for fame and money but people mainly play it for recreation and fun. Playing games is also an exercise and it will helps us to be fit. There are different types of water games which includes Swimming, boating and snorkeling, scuba diving and skurfing.  Through Aqua Villains, it will be easy to go through different types of water games.

List of water sports: Swimming is a water game having it’s existence for longer time and it is the act of shelf movements in water by using hands and feet.  Tides and current will make it a tough job for the beginners. Swimming acts as a physical therapy and it is a good source for exercise.

Skurfing: Skurfing is a surface water sport where the surfboard is used by the participants  towed behind a boat with the help of Ski rope. Surfing is a free style sport and played for fun across many countries in the world.

Water Skiing is a recreational game popularly played in lakes, rivers where wave motion is absent. Water ski are generally made up of wood but due to advancement now they are made of fiberglass based composites. Rubber molded binding will exist so that the skier can place the feet. Rope with a handle fitted on one end and attached to a powerboat on the other will help the skier to pull along.

Fin Swimming is an underwater sport, which comprises of four methods involving swimming on surface using snorkel and also using fins depth in the water with scuba diving element. Fins are used while snorkeling and Scuba diving.

Scuba diving is an underwater sport, which involves the divers to use an oxygen tank to breathe underwater. Scuba divers will carry their own breathing gas in the compressed form, which enables free movement under water, and the divers can stay underwater for longer durations and can hold breathe which may not be possible in snorkeling. The feature of open circuit scuba system will release the breathing gas into the surrounding as and when it is exhaled and consists of one or more diving cylinders  containing breathing gas at high pressure and the divers gets the oxygen supply through regulator. An extra cylinder will be maintained for emergency breathing gas.  Recycling of exhaled gas is done through closed or semi closed scuba system.  Scuba diving is done for both recreation and professional purpose, which includes public safety, military and scientific roles.  Scuba divers engaged in covert operations for armed Forces are termed as frogmen or attack swimmers.