Crypto Currency Transaction Charges

Coinbase is a trading exchange for cryptocurrency which is popular among the traders because of the ease in operations and secure transaction. But, every good thing comes with a prize, so as the transactions on coinbase. One may think it’s a good idea to readily start investing in crypto but before doing any of that, he/she must know the coinbase fees which come with it. Coinbase has transaction fees on almost everything we are going to see how much it actually is.

  1. Transactions:-

For every transaction that you make on the exchange, there is a charge which is levied on it. If you want to convert your digital currency into another, there will be a spread margin of up to 2%.

  1. Wallet:-

Once you have a Coinbase wallet, you can store your crypto in it and there are no charges for that. But if want to trade or transfer the currency, coinbase will charge you the network transaction fees.

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Now let us see how much coinbase fees really are. For the simple transactions that are Buy and Sell following are the charges

  • Transaction value less than 10.99$ = 0.99$
  • Transaction value is between 11$ to 26.49$ = 1.49$
  • Transaction value is between 26.50$ to 51.99$ = 1.99$
  • Transaction value is between 52$ to 78.05$ = 2.99$

Country-wise fees also change on coinbase which are around 3.99$ for simple transactions in Australia and Canada while for Europe, UK, and the USA it ranges from 1.49$ to 3.99$. Though these charges look enormous but to keep your transaction secure, you may want to opt for paying them.