Bring positive energy in your home – Feng Shui Tips

Feng and Shui is nothing but wind and eater respectively in Chinese. According to Chinese culture, Feng Shui represents good health.

The following are some tips to harmonize and balance the energies at our home

  • After driving up into their garage, some people used to get into their through back doors. They do this for their convenience, though it is comfortable for them to get into the backside, it limits the influx of opportunities and good energy into your life. According to feng shui, the entry door indicates how chi enters your home and life, so use front door once in a week.

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  • Many of us may not notice that the squeaking of our main door. Since door is the first and the last thing when you enter or exit from our home, if it makes noise or squeaks, it indicates that the door is crying and it is an indication that something will affect your well-being and mood. So, if you need to spread the positive energy, then you have to oil the door thus it will create a good vibration when you leave as well as enter your home.
  • Water represents wealth in feng shui singapore and people may not know where to place the feng shui fountain. The best place for this is near the main entrance of your home no matter you place in the exterior or interior of your home but the water flow should be at the center of house.

So, follow these points to fill your space with positive energy.


What to Cover in Malaysia ISO 45001 Certification Procedures and Policy Records?

An Integral part of the ISO 45001 standard is the preparation and implementation of security Procedures for controls. These procedures should cover all functions, activities and processes which have, or may have, a substantial direct or indirect influence on the Occupational, health and safety management system. The type and scope of the ISO 45001:2018 procedures ought to be appropriate to the nature, complexity and OHS importance of this function, activity or procedure that they address. In all instances, however, the goals must be to restrain the action in question in compliance with requirements that are specified.

Iso 45001 certification malaysia Procedures have to be written down, made available to relevant workers, monitors, updated and documented. The safety procedures should not be issued in isolation; they ought to be an integral component of the OH&S Policy and management system of the enterprise as a whole. Their objective is to define management controls and the structure. For procedures workers at all levels of the enterprise will have to be given training in management and their use.

The OH&S of the enterprise Policies, goals and programmers will need to be translated into specific security procedures, which set out:

  • Actions required to support the ISO 45001 Policy and to carry out tasks without detriment to the OH&S functioning of the enterprise.
  • Uniformity of action and understanding.
  • Continuity and consistency of performance when changes and personnel happens and
  • A foundation for management of their OH&S management system and its efficacy.

Occupational Health and safety Management system procedures will probably be required for the areas given below. This is not the list. Based upon the proposed OH&S’s requirement many processes might have to be developed.

Work instructions covering day-to day activities and agreements, abnormal functioning and crisis conditions.

  • Tracking and control arrangements and actions.
  • Contractor, supplier and other procurement actions and arrangements.
  • Product, process and other change processes; and