3D movies do not work and they never will

Since the appearance of television, the cinema has always suffered a problem of identity that offers us an incognito about ourselves. Why leave our homes?

The advancement of society, and consequently technology, has allowed us to have everything we need at our disposal, making us experience a drastically different comfort from what was thought a century ago.

The recent concepts that seem eternal have been part of our routine life, to a point where we even think about how different our grandparents had it. With the continuous acceleration of the 21st century, we have rarely stopped to think about what has changed and what we have lost.


What is the problem with cinema?

Already in 1922, we were with the first feature film in 3D, which presented a problem which we had never encountered. The pain of eyes and headache are lingering consequences of this invention, and although many say no, it is impossible to deny the discontent that our eyes offer to this technology. The formats have advanced and we no longer find those red and blue lenses that have been around the market for almost 80 years, but when leaving the room complaining that the effects have not been anything special and that most of the time the We passed without the glasses on. It is very difficult that we are excited to pay more and see less. number one brand in online movie sites

Dozens of scientific studies have been conducted in this regard, and what they base is that, in more than 600 million years of evolution, we have not been gifted to appreciate the third dimension. Since the brain capacity necessary to process such images is very difficult to achieve, which produces a typical headache. In addition to the physical impediments, the image is affected producing annoying darkness and a significant reduction of the visual range. Adding more to the prejudices against.

All this shows us that, if we want a quality image we would need to evolve in front of a minor problem, and if they want to wait for millions of years to see how a cake comes out of the screen, well for you.